Aunt Mildred posted the news about her cat on Facebook.  Nextdoor neighbor Morgan Wister added news to his LinkedIn page that his company is moving him across the country.  Then again, Scotty Johnson just bought some sort of a grill using a link he found on Facebook.

So which social media channel is better for business?  Facebook or LinkedIn?

Both platforms are centered around user input and help serve up ads. They both reach your audience and offer differences in cost, display, groups and campaigns.

Does Facebook or LinkedIn deserve more time and resources for marketing efforts?

What about Clientele?

It seems as though nearly everyone uses Facebook – no matter a person’s age, gender, profession, and on and on. A staggering number of people sign into Facebook at least once a day – over one billion – and most adults who log in to any computer visit Facebook every couple of weeks.  Over half of the users are young adults in their 20s and 30s.

What about LinkedIn? Initially a professional channel created for recruitment, it’s now expanded services to allow users to blog and post private messages, too.

Every Fortune 500 company in the U.S. is represented on LinkedIn, and recruitment is not the only reason why.  Businesses are using this social media channel to let others know more about what programs, products, and services they offer to the over 600 million LinkedIn users.

How long do all of these folks linger on either channel? Over half an hour a day for Facebook, but a mere half an hour a month for those who visit LinkedIn. If sheer numbers are what you are seeking, then Facebook might be your choice.

What about Leads?

Here’s where the LinkedIn channel has a great number.  Compared to all of the other social networks, LinkedIn generates more leads for businesses. 

Even though there are fewer users and they spend less time on LinkedIn than they do on Facebook, they are reaching for their wallets more often when they are on LinkedIn. 

Facebook is 4th on the list when it comes to lead generation; LinkedIn is first. If lead generation is your focus, then LinkedIn might be your choice.

What about Groups?

Both channels allow people of like mind to create chat areas where they can share information.  Facebook groups tend to focus on personal opinions about every topic under the sun. That’s well and good, leading to some interesting late-night reading, but LinkedIn groups focus on some aspect of work.  That’s why it’s important to consider what you are promoting.

A particular Facebook group might be the perfect place to cultivate an awareness of your product or service, or perhaps a group on LinkedIn might be interested in what you are promoting. Considering who you wish to contact determines which venue is the right one for you.  Because of that, either Facebook or LinkedIn might be your choice.

What about Ads?

Both channels help you to connect with potential customers depending on their details.  Because of this, you can create an advertising campaign targeting your ideal customer. That’s the first task at hand.  Figure out who that may be. You can then tailor an ad so that users who match the details of that ideal customer will be the ones targeted.  One thing to consider about those details, though, is that the users on LinkedIn tend to keep their profiles more up-to-date.

The types of ads that both Facebook and LinkedIn have available give you many options, although Facebook has more of those to select.  The other consideration is the bottom line if the deciding factor is cost. What you will pay for a Facebook ad will take less out of your bank account than one on LinkedIn. If you would rather spend less money advertising on social media, then Facebook might be your choice. 

So what’s the answer?  Facebook or LinkedIn? That really depends on your business and your target audience.  Become more familiar with each social media channel and look for the right fit. Speaking of that, we have a tool that will help you manage your new customers whether they come to you from Facebook or Linkedin

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No matter how people find out about your business, it’s that initial speedy contact that makes all the difference.  Try LeadOwl to make that difference and just remember – the first two weeks are free.