Customer Service may make all the difference.  Research studies indicate that customers may come back not because of the product or service, but because of the customer service. 

Not only do you want your customers smiling after they make their purchase, but you want them to return and tell others about your business.  What can we learn from customer service statistics? Let’s see.

Why They Smile

Customers definitely care about that first impression.  In fact, statistics show that nearly all customers base their decision to purchase on how they are treated.  You want to keep your customers smiling because it’s much more expensive to find a new customer than to keep your current customers happy. 

The good news is that statistics show that 80% are happy with the support provided by companies. Now we know the reasons for a customer’s smile.  Are your customers smiling?

Why They Return

You’ll find that it’s often service that encourages them to be repeat customers.  Let’s take a look at some of their frustrations. Being put on hold. Listening to that wretched music and pushing first this number and then that.  Most want an answer within 10 minutes; otherwise, they’ll either hang up or not call again.

Customers don’t mind if they talk to support through live chat; some prefer email or a phone call – but they just want an answer, and more quickly than not.  Often what’s even better is when you provide a knowledge base so that customers can answer questions on their own. Customers return when questions are answered, when service is provided. How do your customers get questions answered?  And how quickly?

Why They Tell

This may surprise you, but it doesn’t take more than one time.  That’s right. Nearly three-fourths of the customers surveyed would tell others about a product or a company after just one positive encounter.  You’ll find that this brand loyalty can also come about because customers like your product or service better than any others.

But beyond that, when someone representing the company helps them answer questions, that’s something else they’ll talk about.  In fact, research studies show that when a customer is happy, 11 of their friends and family members will hear about it. You want them telling others about your business. What are your customers saying?

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