Without leads, there is no business.  That’s why it’s important to consider your business plan’s answer to this question:  Where do your leads come from?  After you answer that question, here’s the next question to consider:  How is that working for you?  If you’ve got about as much business as you can handle, stay firm and make no changes.  If you need more traffic, let’s take a look at the types of leads there are out there and some strategies on how to increase their interest in your product or service. 

First of all, before we take a look at some strategies, let’s take a look at the lingo.  You probably already know that a lead is a potential customer who in some way or another has expressed interest in your business.  This person is looking around, trying to figure out the best fit for him or her — and the best price. The folks out there describe leads further so let’s look at their definitions.   

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead

These folks aren’t quite convinced.  They’ve just learned about your product or service, but they aren’t ready to take that first step to learn more.  You don’t want to push them. They need gentle attention with kid gloves made of the finest leather.  

If you push too hard, they’ll take off for the hills.  Perhaps they’ve been attracted to your business with a blog on your website or by searching using keywords or by a post you’ve made somewhere on social media.  Keep using these tactics. These leads may just very well graduate to the next type of lead with more information.

SQL – Sales Qualified Lead

These folks are getting closer to a decision.  They have told you in some way that they want to know more.  Perhaps they’ve reached out with a question. Or maybe they’ve responded to a form on your site to get more details.  They are teeter-tottering, weighing the pros and cons, maybe checking out the competition.  

These leads are nearly ripe enough to reach for their credit card.  They may be lured by a coupon or a BOGO offer. Perhaps they’ll be convinced by a video showing how it’s a match for them.  They do need more information to make that crucial decision to buy, but you’ll need to show them HOW as well as tell them WHY.  These leads may just very well graduate to the next type when they are given more reasons.

PQL – Product Qualified Lead

These folks have tried things out.  Perhaps they’ve used your product for a two-week free trial.  Because of that, they’ve seen all that it can do for them. Now that they’ve been convinced that it works well for free, the next step is to convince them to pay.  Perhaps their purchase will be made for them by an automatic billing. They’ve provided their credit card information when they signed up, and unless they cancel, they’ve become a customer.

They may need more convincing during that trial period.  That’s where it’s important to have articles in your Knowledge Base or podcasts showing them different ways to use the product.  Learning more and using the product get these new folks comfortable with the transaction. These new customers may just very well graduate to the top of the list by upgrading for more bells and whistles.  Even better, these folks may prime the pump by telling others all about your business.  

So now that you have looked at your leads to see who they are, it’s important to look into more ways to attract them.  Your leads may be of one type more than the other two, and if that’s the case, you can boost your business by focusing on the others.  Another way to boost your business is to make certain that you are in touch with them as quickly as possible.

That’s where we can help.  We have developed a tool for you to get in touch with these potential customers right away.  LeadOwl sends you a push notification that someone has just visited your landing page and filled out the opt-in form.  LeadOwl serves as your right-hand assistant, reminding you at intervals that contact needs to be made – by text, by phone, or by email.  Better yet, part of the package is a choice of automated responses that are launched as soon as the ink is dry on that opt-in form.

Customers will tell you that being timely in responding is quite convincing.  It’s like having a salesperson face-to-face to answer questions and discuss options.  That’s what you want. You want to get comfy cozy with all potential customers. LeadOwl will help grow your business by turning LEADS – whichever type they are – into CUSTOMERS.  

Want to take a look and see?  Start your 14-day free trial with LeadOwl. That’s certainly the first step in boosting your business to find new leads! 🦉