Lawyers are busy with all of the details of running a successful practice.  The days get long, and finally it’s time to call it a day. In order to keep everything running when the lights are out, they’ve discovered an owl that never sleeps:  LeadOwl.

What is there about this app that inspired the Answering Legal blog to feature LeadOwl as one of the top apps lawyers need to be using? Let’s find out why, and how LeadOwl can make an attorney’s day-to-day life a lot easier.

Manage Leads

The essential details for each lead can fit in the palm of one’s hand. This smartphone and web app allows lawyers to manage their leads by keeping track when contact was made – by the lead and by the lawyer.  LeadOwl knows when the lead signed up and sends push notifications if contact is not made in a timely fashion.

Owls are known for their nocturnal activity. No worries – those nudges can be set not to occur during the middle of the night, but once morning comes, the notifications for the day begin.  

LeadOwl sends out that first push once a potential client signs up for more information.  No contact made? A reminder is sent 15 minutes later. And an hour later. The final one is sent 24 hours from the initial contact.  These new leads can be contacted by phone, text, or email, directly from their mobile device.  How convenient!

Makes Connections

Owls aren’t necessarily “social animals,” but LeadOwl is.  Through the app, websites, sales funnels, or Facebook Lead Ads can be connected in seconds.  Those connections allows users to sell smarter and faster.  Best of all, lawyers don’t need to be tech-savvy to hook up these integrations. 

LeadOwl keeps it simple. 

LeadOwl also connects attorneys with their team with real-time analytics.  Response time, follow ups, and email reports can be viewed with one click. Email marketing autoresponders can also be connected, so that messages are sent out in intervals to potential clients. 

When lawyers manage a large team, LeadOwl has a built-in lead rotation feature, so no one person has too many leads to manage.  How efficient!

Maintains Smart Marketing

In general, the longer new leads have to wait for follow up, the less likely those leads will become clients.  Fast follow up is a key to success. Since the app delivers leads instantly to a lawyer’s smartphone, immediate contact can be made through the app itself.  Now that’s smart marketing.  

Staying organized allows lawyers to focus on other details of their practice.  Desks piled high and handwritten notes about potential clients can certainly distract even a focused attorney.  LeadOwl clears off the desk so there’s room for legal briefs and contracts. Speaking of that, you can connect your autoresponder in seconds to utilize the sequences you already have in place. How proficient!

Lawyers already using LeadOwl see the connection.  LeadOwl allows lawyers to practice their profession rather than requiring them to practice marketing.

To see for yourself how LeadOwl helps attorneys and their teams be more productive, start your 14 day free trial.  Taking a look would certainly be a wise decision. 🦉