How would sales automation help your business? First of all, there are so many details to remember and steps to take to manage your customers with royal treatment.  As a result, your day can be turned upside-down when something is forgotten, and a sale is lost because of it.

Additionally, you can quickly get grumpy when you can’t find a potential customer’s contact information.  Also, more sales are made when you call the most eager first instead of the last name and phone number you wrote down. These problems and woes can undermine your abilities and hopes for stellar sales.

There’s a 21st century answer to all of these sales.  For speed and ease, use sales automation. Let’s take a look at why.

Definition, Please!

Maybe to you this smacks of artificial intelligence.  Not so. This is real and genuine intelligence! Do you want to keep track of all of those contact details and waste your time trying to find information?  Instead, you and your team could be out there convincing leads to become customers.

The base of your automation rests on Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  In a nutshell, CRM combines practices, strategies, and technologies to take care of those details for you. 

The goals? Improve customer service. Retain customers. Drive sales up the yin-yang. That’s why sales automation is such a smart thing to do.

Information, Please!

How many times have you struggled with your memory trying to recall where you put the contact information for that hot lead in Ohio?  In addition, what about that phone number you had written on that napkin when someone told you of his interest in your product or service? Also, who were you supposed to call at 3 o’clock anyway?  

Instead of paying a salary and benefits to a person who only works from 9 to 5, hire a robo-chap, a CRM, to do all of that memory work for you 24/7.  

For instance, want to find a phone number for a lead?  That’s easy-peasy, because it’s on your phone app for your CRM. Need to schedule an appointment with a client? Just do that through your CRM and send out a text or an email or even make a phone call.  Care to see how your team is doing with their response time to potential customers? Once again, it’s all in your CRM. That’s why sales automation is such a smart thing to do.

Contact, Please!

It’s important to reach out ASAP once someone indicates interest.  Most of the time that interest wanes if contact is not made automagically.  No problem. Your CRM has a choice of some responses it can send out as soon as the lead submits the completed form.  

Use the message provided as it is or modify it to add your spirit and spunk to it.  Instant contact! Now that’s impressive. That’s why sales automation is such a smart thing to do.

Analysis, Please!

Want to see how long it takes for your sales team to reach out to a potential customer?  In addition, would you like to know who your slowest team member is, or determine who makes the most sales?  How about looking at the average report times at a glance? Simply use your CRM to find all of that.  Just think – an analysis you do not need to compile and calculate!  

Based on what you discover about your team, your CRM will help you with more management tasks.  For instance, you can automatically distribute leads among your sales reps with the CRM’s lead rotator.

No longer do you need to pester your sales folks to call that lead in a timely fashion.  They’ll get notifications on their phone – 15 minutes, an hour, and a day after. Because of this app, you can sell smarter and work faster. That’s why sales automation is such a smart thing to do.

Tell Me More, Please

We know of a product that will do all of this for you and more.  LeadOwl keeps track of the inner workings of your business and helps you stay on top of the outer workings of your sales.  As a result, you can manage the folks on your payroll and those who add to your bottom line – all with one app.

That’s right.  LeadOwl, a top of the line CRM, will be your robo-assistant, keeping track of all of the details of your customers and letting you see the results of your sales efforts.  Also, with LeadOwl, your leads come directly to you on your phone through the mobile app.  You and your team can do what you’ve been trained to do:  make those sales. Just leave it all to LeadOwl.

Whether you are interested in a SOLO or an AGENCY plan, our 14-day FREE trial will give you a peek to see LeadOwl in action.  As a result, you will see how this kind of sales automation gives you speed with ease.  Once your sales go up and your stress level goes down, you’ll wonder how you did it all without this CRM.  Whoo-hoo! 🦉