To attract new leads to your product or service, it’ll take more than a CLICK HERE button.  First, you need to attract potential clients to your website. The good news is that there are ways to optimize your website so that more folks will find it.

Without adding content, your website might languish out there in Internet Land with very few people visiting it.  Attracting leads to your website boosts sales. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can turn your website into a lead magnet.

Source Survey

It’s important to take an inventory of your leads. How is your website currently generating traffic? Check out those who have visited your website in the past year.  Based on that, determine how people are finding your website right now.  

Do you have an email marketing campaign in place?  Are you using social media to get the word out about your product or service?  Perhaps you have a chat function on your website, so folks reach out to Support with questions or comments.  Or, maybe you have blogs on your site that bring people to your website to read the newest content.

Now you know the main source of your leads.  That source is working. Optimize your website by helping it work even better.

Landing Pages

Back in the day, potential customers would peer in the window of a store at the displays to see what was featured and what was on sale.  They knew the street address of the store and could find it with a map in hand.

Nowadays your customers need to find you.  Your landing pages provide laser-quick transportation to your online store.  As a result, once someone fills out a form indicating interest in your product or service, they are suddenly in the showroom of your store looking around at what is there.

Notice the mention of landing pages in the plural.  The more landing pages you have, the better.  That provides a wider spread of potential contact.  Promote each item showcased on your site.

Take a look at the landing page that brings more leads to your website.  Look carefully at what the attraction might be. Are you offering a discount or special offer on some product or service?  Do you provide something for free, like an eBook or a sample, if leads click HERE? What brings them to your website?

Next, once you determine which one brings more traffic to your site, use that enticement more often.  That link is working. Consider some ways to optimize your website where it might work even better.

Thank You Pages

Thanking people should never go out of style.  The same goes is true of online courtesy. So, when someone opts in to your website, greet him or her at the virtual door. How? As soon as the lead is added to your database, say thank you! Even more, you can tell your lead more about your business in that message. Let’s look at more details.

Firstly, the message on your Thank You page should be warm and welcoming.  Think of this page as the smile and handshake that you would offer someone in person.  Second, emphasize again what the customer can expect (a coupon, a free item, an eBook, or whatever). Then provide a link to more information. That link should convince and encourage the lead to become a customer. 

If your Thank You page is the source of more traffic, then it is working.  Don’t be surprised by that. Research shows that kickback emails like the Thank You message promote engagement. Optimize your website by sending new leads a thank you message or send them to a thank you page.


Take time to create a homepage that keeps people in place.  You want them to look around and linger. That is to say, whatever is featured there must meet with their approval before they create a relationship with you and your business.  One way to enhance this is to personalize the visit so that they are greeted by name.

Sure, your homepage must have eye appeal, but what will turn a lead into a customer is a call to action (CTA).  People don’t want to just sit there. They want to do something. Because of that, it’s important to have a CTA on your homepage. Give them something to do.

Because of that, provide a link to encourage more interaction.  For instance, perhaps they can sign up for an Update email to learn more about new products or services. Or maybe provide them a free trial.  You might ask them for their feedback after viewing a product demo.

Keep In Touch

If a lead has not yet become a customer yet, don’t lose the link. Certainly, keep in touch with the person to encourage the connection.  For instance, send an email every now and again to broadcast a recent blog or to feature the most popular product.  Also, be sure to provide a link to your page on social media, if you have one. As a result, they will be aware of the latest news and developments about your business––enough to spark interest.

Speaking of that, there’s a way to manage keeping in touch with these potential customers.  LeadOwl, a top of the line CRM, keeps track of all of the details of your leads and clients. Because of that, LeadOwl lets you review the results of your sales efforts.  For instance, as soon as a new lead opts in, you are notified on your smartphone and even reminded if you don’t call that person in a timely fashion.

Whether you are interested in a SOLO or an AGENCY plan, our 14-day FREE trial will show you how to optimize your sales strategy.  With the features of your website improved and optimized, LeadOwl will provide a match with sales automation. For this reason, that sure sounds like much more than a CLICK HERE.  Whoo-hoo! 🦉