LeadOwl’s new Mark As Called feature on the web/desktop version allows you to quickly mark leads as called and update analytics.

Fortune is in the follow up.

When a lead comes in, it’s go-time! Follow up with your lead! We’ve been getting many requests from LeadOwlers to build out a feature in the web app to mark leads as called, and now it’s live!

That’s why we’re excited to launch “Mark as Called” to make clients, agencies and teams using LeadOwl even easier and more accessible on the web/desktop version.

Now when using the web version of LeadOwl, you can easily mark leads as “Called” with a click of a button. This will instantly update the lead as called (just like it would in the mobile app), and update the response time for analytics tracking.

Mark As Called Feature – LeadOwl Web Version

Listening to our LeadOwls to deliver the best experience.

We read feedback from our Support Team and spoke with current LeadOwlers to collect your ideas.

Again and again we kept hearing that many teams and clients were using LeadOwl solely on the web/desktop version and not using the mobile app.

This often happens when a receptionist or front desk is fielding the initial response to a lead, and doing so on an office phone. LeadOwl users told us they’re thrilled to be able to offer clients and their teams an even easier way to use LeadOwl on the desktop/web app to follow up with their leads.

The new feature is another way LeadOwl is making organizing, following up, and tracking your leads easier everywhere you work.

Want to share your own product feedback? Reach out to our team at support@leadowl.com. Make sure to tell us what you’d love and why you need it.