In everything we do at LeadOwl, we’re thinking about how it helps the users, agencies, sales teams and clients getting their leads quickly and following up each and every day.

We’re all in on helping our LeadOwl users have the best experience possible, and nothing has proven that more than these last couple of months in 2019 as we planned, designed, developed, tested, and released this new version of LeadOwl.

Some of these updates you may have already noticed, some might have flown under your radar, but one thing’s for sure—they’re all designed to help you and your clients respond quickly to leads, stay organized, and utilize technology to enhance their business.

Check out all we’ve built so far with this year’s newest features.

What’s New in LeadOwl

  • Updated user interface
  • More modernized framework to increase speed for load times
  • Enhancements to the lead rotator
  • Ability to add clients in bulk
  • Snooze UX updates
  • Updated version for Facebook Lead Ad integration to LeadOwl
  • New autoresponder integration with Infusionsoft/Keap
  • Ability to view and download invoices

Updated User Interface

LeadOwl has a new look! We’ve gathered feedback from our users and listened to their requests.

We’ve blended the requests and simplicity to what’s now our new user interface for the LeadOwl web and desktop app.

Faster Loading

Our development team has been hard at work updating LeadOwl with a more modernized framework. What does that mean for our users?

A drastic increase with faster load times for clients, sales reps and agencies using LeadOwl to access their leads, analytics and more.

Lead Rotator

LeadOwl’s lead rotator is a heavily utilized feature for sales teams and agencies looking to distribute leads to various sales reps or clients. Assign leads using the Lead Rotator so each time a new lead comes in to LeadOwl, the leads will be equally distributed, or based on a lead count to your sales reps or clients.

Based on what LeadOwler users had requested, we’ve updated the lead rotator to allow for setting a maximum number of leads per rep or client. We’ve also made it easier to set up.

Add Clients in Bulk

Power users adding clients kept asking for it…

Now with the add bulk clients feature, agency accounts within LeadOwl have the ability to add clients in bulk.

Select the number of clients you’d like to add, and LeadOwl will instantly add client seats to your agency account. Onboard them in a few seconds to set up their own account to access leads.

Snooze’s New Look & Feel

Snooze allows users to set your work schedule so we don’t bother you when you are unavailable. Get more accurate analytics for response time. Our Snooze page got an overhaul.

We’ve updated the user experience to make it easier to update your and your team’s snooze schedule.

Facebook Lead Ad Version Updates

LeadOwl integrates with Facebook Lead Ads so generated leads from Facebook are synced directly to the LeadOwl mobile and web app.

Connect Facebook Lead Ads to LeadOwl in seconds

Our team recently updated to a new version integrating to Facebook Lead Ads. This update keeps LeadOwl current and up to date as an integrated CRM with Facebook.

We’ll continue to make it simple for LeadOwlers to integrate their Facebook Lead Ad forms to LeadOwl for real-time lead delivery, analytics and reminders.

Infusionsoft by Keap, Our Newest Autoresponder

Connecting LeadOwl to your Infusionsoft by Keap account to use as an autoresponder is simple. Connect your LeadOwl account and automatically list sync and trigger email automations using Infusionsoft as your Email Service Provider.

Invoices Instantly

Keep track and download your LeadOwl invoices directly from your account. LeadOwlers requested this, and we’ve delivered.

Our support team is still more than happy to help you with any questions you may have, but if you’d like to view your invoices and receipts you can now do so directly from your Account page.

We Love Our LeadOwlers

Thanks for reading all about our newest updates. We’ve been hard at work, and really enjoying the process. Have feedback? Got something to share?

We absolutely love hearing from our LeadOwl users, and we listen. Our future builds, new features and UI enhancements are based on the feedback our users provide.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our platform, system, and mobile app. Reach out to us.