There’s no doubt about it.  Numbers are important. But not all numbers are equal.  Your aim is not just to collect a whole slew of leads. Sure, it looks good on paper to read a high number.  What you really want, though, are the leads who are really interested in purchasing your product or service. How can you make sure that you don’t waste time with bad leads?

First Step:  Capturing Leads

In order for someone to consider your product or service, you need to invite them to take a peek.  Potential customers need to take a look at the details to see if what you offer is a good fit with what they need or want or both.

Whether you use a service like Facebook Lead Ads or create your own landing pages and funnels, you want to encourage the lead to WANT to give you the correct contact information.  Yes, that’s right – as Internet Marketer Dan Henry explains in THIS VIDEO, some people will purposefully give you the wrong information!  So how can you get them to give you their REAL contact information?

Second Step:  Crafting the Form

It’s all in the text on the form.  Your landing page is a subtle hook – or perhaps not so subtle, as you will see.  Often when people create their landing pages, they’ll emphasize where these potential customers can provide their contact information.  Put your name and phone number below or Provide your email address here.  What’s in it for these curious folks?  The answer is not obvious. You are asking for what YOU want for your business – their contact information.  How enticing is that for your leads? It’s not.

Instead, use your landing page to tell the lead what you’ll give them.  That’s right – a voucher or a two-for-one or a coupon is something they can have for free.  Emphasize that. Then guide them to how they can get that. Where should I send your [fill in the blank]?  If what you will give them is what they want, then they’ll give you their contact information so they can get it!  Then what?

Step Three:  Responding Quickly

A lead is only as good as your response.  How quickly do you usually get back to people who express an interest in your product or service?  A day? Two days? A week? Not quickly enough!

It’s essential in this fast-paced world we live in that you take full advantage of time.  Get in touch right away! Call them, text them, or email them within 15 minutes. The longer you wait, the less interest someone will have.  Quick personal responses convert leads into customers – and hopefully loyal customers. Now you might be thinking: How can I manage all of that?

Great news!  There’s a leading-edge app that will help you with all of this.  LeadOwl will manage your leads by sending you reminders about getting in touch with them.  This smartphone and web app allows you to add clients instantly from your phone, and even takes care of the onboarding.  This tool will also provide reports indicating the response time for your leads. 

Intrigued? Ready to sell better and faster for yourself, agency clients, or sales team?  Get the 14-day free trial. 

That’s the best way for you to see what you and LeadOwl can do together!  🦉