Some customers won’t wait.  Think of the times you’ve been interested in a product or service, but you didn’t have the information you needed.  No one was there to answer your questions. In stores, studies show that customers will wait around for 15 minutes or less – and after that, they go elsewhere.  Online, if a response isn’t swift, interest will wane. When no contact is made, the sale is often lost. LeadOwl reminds you to get in touch. Let’s find out more about LeadOwl.

What is LeadOwl?

LeadOwl is a smart phone and web app that allows you to manage your leads from the palm of your hand. LeadOwl is a bit of a nag actually.  Once a potential customer signs up, LeadOwl tells you instantly. If your response is not immediate, you’ll be reminded 15 minutes later that a lead is waiting to hear from you.  If you still haven’t responded in an hour, LeadOwl sends you another push notification. After 24 hours, you’ll get nudged again.

You can integrate a website, sales funnel, or Facebook Lead Ad in seconds with LeadOwl.  You can also keep organized with the LeadOwl CRM. How? You can view response time, analytics, follows up, and email reports in one-click. You can also connect email marketing autoresponders for automatic list syncing and triggering email automations.  Can you imagine the convenience of managing your leads on the go for your sales team or agency?

What Do LeadOwl Users Say?

LeadOwl users love the mobile app. For one thing, they get their leads instantly delivered to their smartphones.  Another feature they like is the one mentioned above – they are reminded if they forget to call their leads. Not only that, but they can call, email, or text their leads directly from their phone and get in touch with them right away.  This is a total game changer for those running a sales team or agency.

Speaking of that, they can see at a glance how well their team is doing.  They can see how quickly they are calling back leads – all from the palm of their hand.

Any Updates to LeadOwl?

LeadOwl has built out many new features this year. The user interface has been updated, the lead rotation feature has been enhanced, and clients can now be added in bulk.  The framework has been updated to increase speed for load times. Plus, a new autoresponder integration with Infusionsoft/Keap has been added allowing users to view and download invoices. Whew!  That’s quite a few!

The design team encourages getting feedback from their LeadOwl users, and as proven above, they listen. LeadOwl’s future builds, new features, and UI enhancements are based on the feedback their users provide. 

What Makes LeadOwl the Best Lead Management Tool on the Market?

LeadOwl is simple and effective. Non-techy people can learn how to use it in several hours.  This tool provides a streamlined and productive workflow and so users get better results. They get their leads instantly delivered to the app and are reminded when they forget to call their leads. 

Connecting LeadOwl with Facebook Lead Ads and other integrations takes seconds, allowing users to sell smarter and faster. LeadOwl allows users to take real-time action on new leads. This tool simplifies the lead-to-sale conversion process. In general, the longer new leads have to wait for follow up, the less likely that lead will convert to being a customer.  Fast follow up is a key to success. Click on THIS LINK to learn more.

Click HERE to see how LeadOwl will help you be more productive.  We offer a FREE two-week trial, so take a look. Put that at the top of your list of things to do today! 🦉