Keeping customers is critical to the success of your business, and much of it has to do with keeping your customers happy.  When customers are satisfied, they not only become loyal, but they often will spread the word about your product or service.

What is involved with retaining existing customers?  What lessons can be learned and applied so that your business booms despite the pandemic and these challenging times?  Let’s take a look at what other businesses have learned.

Tell Them WHO

Customers are impressed when you reach out to them before they contact you.  Generally when customers are in communication with a company, they have a problem with the product and might even be requesting a refund.

By keeping a calendar to track communication with each of your customers, your team can reach out in a timely manner.  For instance, when a customer first purchases the product, that’s the perfect time to make contact. Nurture that customer relationship right from the start.

Periodically, your customer support team can get in touch either by email or by phone to seek out feedback or answer questions.  Your team can also use this contact to alert customers to new products or to extra services now offered. Keep customers happy by making sure they know WHO represents your business.

Tell Them HOW

You know your product in intricate detail.  Your customers may not. Even your first customers may not know how to make the best use of their purchase.  The value of a product zooms upward when customers know how to use it effectively and efficiently.

Often people are not keen on asking questions when they don’t understand how to use something.  Some will read a manual or explore YouTube or click on this link or that one to learn more. Quite frankly, though, most people would do much better with one-on-one or group coaching and a chance to ask questions afterward.  How can we offer this sort of onboarding with a pandemic going on?

Some business owners provide real-time sessions online where they can show their customers the ins and outs.  Others will post a podcast on their website and then encourage comments from customers, asking questions and providing tips and techniques.  By monitoring this website chat, business owners can connect with their customers in a virtual way. Keep customers happy by making sure they know HOW to make best use of your product.

Tell Them WHY

Your customers pay attention.  They notice the nuances of how your business operates and the influence that has on them.  If your product’s brand and your company’s actions aren’t a match, they will make a note of that.

Because of that, it’s important to tell them more about your business.  Some companies will send out a bulletin or newsletter that will enrich the relationship between them and their customers.  Businesses can introduce new products in that message or provide information about team members or business news that may be of interest to their customers.

When customers hear from you, they are reminded of your company and your products.  When you establish a relationship with occasional messages and an interactive website, your customers become part of the “family” and the communication lines are open.  Keep customers happy by making sure they know WHY your company deserves their loyalty.

Telling Them

We’ve touched upon several reasons to keep the communication lines open by focusing on WHO, HOW, and WHY.  So what’s an easy way to communicate?

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps you to do that.  LeadOwl, a top-of-the-line CRM, can keep you in touch with both new and seasoned customers so that you can answer questions and provide information.

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