When folks start their sales business, often friends and family cringe.  They don’t want the burden of the sales pitch. They may start avoiding get-togethers and other events, not wanting to get cornered by this non-stop marketer.  You don’t want to be that annoying, disruptive relative or friend who makes people wish you weren’t coming around the corner. That’s where inbound lead generation comes to the rescue.


We’ve got some good news for you – and for your family and friends!  You don’t need to climb up the family tree or canvas the neighborhood to find leads. You can find potential customers elsewhere.  That’s why the word INBOUND can become important for your marketing strategies.

Instead of looking for customers under your own steam with those pistons and wheels in overdrive, those interested in your product or service come to you.  Instead of sending out urgent email message or making insistent phone calls – examples of outbound lead generation – these potential prospects do the work to find you.  You need no longer trudge from door to door showing an example of your wares. Instead, you attract your leads so that their interest brings them to you to ask more – or better yet, to buy more.


There are buyers out there.  You prove it yourself every time you make a purchase.  The question is – How can you attract the people who want or need your product or service?  If you wish to do it the old-fashioned way, you can make cold calls to people unaware – who may even halt the call before you finish delivering your pitch.  Or you may blast those you know or even buy the contact information of those you don’t know with an email progression, sending unsolicited details about your business.

People more often prefer to seek out things for themselves.  Telling them what they need or want outright ranks up there with pushy preachers and shady shysters.   Nowadays, with all of the tools of online marketing at your fingertips, you can put the signposts out there on the Internet, so these potential leads make U-turns online and head over your way.  They find you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) linking them with you through the keywords in your content.


The idea here is not only to use marketing to encourage interest in your product or service, but also to develop a sales pipeline.  So, with outbound lead generation, you are the one initiating the contact to anyone out there who may become a customer. With inbound lead generation, the decision rests in the buyer’s hands.  They decide when and how they will become customers.  

Do inbound sales sound more to your liking?  If so, here’s how you launch that campaign. You’ll be using digital and content marketing strategies.  What are those? You can post blogs on your site about topics that are relevant to the questions your customers have had or current issues related to your product or services.  Not all of these blogs should be sales-pitchy. Put a link to your website here and there in the blog or at the end, but make this blog a gift of interesting information to the folks out there.  You can become active in the social media of your choice, posting tips and comments, interacting with those who follow that discussion. You can advertise sales or new products or a training workshop or something else relevant to your business – giving these potential customers something for a discount or for free. 


Experts out there say that inbound lead generation can deliver leads indefinitely.  These efforts are not limited by time. The benefits are ongoing and tend to cost less.  You’ll need to learn more, though, about the various strategies and become proficient in them.  If you would rather not spend your time pounding out blogs, for instance, you could hire a digital marketing agency or someone to do that for you.  

This form of lead generation casts a wider net and that means the potential is there to get more customers. These folks are active buyers, looking for the kind of business you promote.  They find you through the SEO that links them and you.  

When folks express an interest in your product or service, it’s essential that you get in touch with them right away.  We can help you with that. We’ve got a product that will send you a push notification as soon as someone fills out the opt-in form on your landing page.  Not only that, LeadOwl reminds you at intervals that contact needs to be made and helps you keep track of the status of each lead.

Once your inbound lead generation efforts kick into gear, you’ll need that type of assistance.  You’ll stay on top of the transactions with this helpful product. Start your 14-day free trial with LeadOwl. Once you see the link between lead generation and successful customer management, you’ll realize the great worth of a product that stays up late so you don’t have to. Who-hoo! 🦉