Ever whirled around like a tornado, trying to get everything done all by a certain time?  Productivity doesn’t work like that. Instead, a calm environment where tasks are taken in order of importance in a logical way – now that’s being productive. What gets in the way of that approach?  Let’s explore the top three twisters and how they can be avoided.

Stopping for Interruptions

Someone stops by your desk.  Nature calls you away. A text message catches your eye.  It doesn’t matter what interrupts you. When it happens, your concentration is compromised, and you’ll need to reconnect.  Perhaps you could close the door, encouraging others to walk on by. Maybe you could hold off on that 2nd cup of coffee so that there’s no need for that extra body break.  How about turning off your phone when you’ve got something to do and read that text message later?

Famous race car driver Mario Andretti put it in words, “Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.”  What will you do to avoid interruptions?

Being a Perfectionist

When this perspective clamps its jaw on us, we become stymied and stilted.  Expecting perfection can put a halt to what we do. That impossible standard can stop us from starting and even stop us from stopping, frantically doing the task over and over again, hoping for better results.  Obviously striving to do our best is an integral part of completing a task successfully, but anything beyond that is a bonus. Worried about making an error? Step aside, take a break, and come back to look. Read your work aloud, and then both your eyes and ears will edit for you.

Author Brené Brown defines it this way, “Healthy striving is self-focused: ‘How can I improve?’  Perfectionism is other-focused: ‘What will they think?’” What will you do to stay focused on what is important?

Working in Chaos

Some argue that a clean desk proves that someone else is doing the work.  Perhaps so, but a messy desk can provide a host of distractions. When you are ready to tackle a project, make sure that you can work where you are.  If you need to take some time initially to get things organized, that will pay off. Make a list. Tidy up. Get everything you need in one place.

A. A. Milne, creator of Christopher Robin and his toy bear, quipped that, “One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”  Nonetheless, when you are right in the thick of things, who has time to stop and look all over the place for that missing item? What will you do to keep track of where things are?

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