Generating more and more leads, one must use smart strategy and technology.  With your phone and your computer, you can run your online marketing business automatically, and then take time to enjoy the view from your office.

That’s not to say that you can do it alone.  You can’t. What you need is a way to generate leads.  By focusing on each available channel, you’ll need to consider the dynamics of its users, the cost of such a campaign, and the effort involved. 

Let’s take a look together at four options that you can use for generating more leads.

Using Social Media

Some say that social media is the most effective digital marketing channel.  It’s certainly a cost-effective strategy. You can break out of your local market and reach thousands of people living all over the globe.

Social media provides a broader coverage to get the word out about your product or service.  You can target your campaign to the folks who are interested in your business. Because of that, it’s smart and savvy.  When you want to blast your campaign to many potential customers, use social media for generating more leads.

Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This option gives you the opportunity to use a variety of paid advertising platforms.  Do this first, though: ask about the conversion rate from lead to customer. People have to click in order to make that connection.

If you’ve got only a modest budget for this, PPC may not be an effective strategy for you.  Those who pay more get more attention. For instance, think of when you use Google to answer a question.  Your eye will see the ad on top of the list, but generally, you’ll race through the rest of the list to the first “free” non-ad mention of the answer.  Even there, you may look through the top 3, but seldom will you scroll down farther than that.  

When the conversion rate is high, use PPC for generating leads.

Using Blogs

People cruising around on the Internet often stop to read a blog.  That’s why posting blogs has become another option to generate leads.  In fact, a new blog on your site is often what will convert traffic to leads.

If you’re not comfortable in the world of words, hire someone who is.  Generally you can purchase an already-written blog. On average, the cost of a blog is per word with the going rate of $5 per 100 words.  Some writers prefer to be paid by the hour, which may work well for you as long as the author writes effectively and efficiently in a short period of time.  

Some of these writers will tailor an article to link the topic with your product or service.  Remember, though, that a blog doesn’t need to have a pitch built in. What’s important is that people looking for a particular topic may be sent to your site.  Because of that, using blogs works.

Using Email

Often this strategy to find leads involves sending email messages to those you know.  After awhile, your family and friends may cringe with this lead generation plan. In fact, if your social calendar does not have as many gatherings and Invitations on it, this may be why.

There’s another way to make good use of email marketing, though.  Get the leads first, and then send messages to those who are interested.  Create the sales messages and then from there, the sales campaign can be automated.  It’s safe to say that inbound lead generation gets the word out there.  Because of that, use email for generating more leads.

Then What?

You’ve now got four options to consider to generate more leads. So, what’s next?  Managing the traffic and your sales team.

LeadOwl, a top of the line CRM, will work 24/7 as your robo-assistant.  This stellar product keeps track of all of the details of your customers and lets you see the results of your sales efforts.  Also, this app manages your leads and/or your sales team with finger-tip accuracy.  As soon as a new lead opts in, users are notified on their smartphones and even reminded if they don’t call that person in a timely fashion.

Whether you are interested in a SOLO or an AGENCY plan, our 14-day FREE trial will give you a peek to see LeadOwl in action.  As a result, you will see how this kind of sales automation gives you speed with ease.

With a lead generation strategy and LeadOwl, you’ll have the complete package.  One of these four strategies to generate more leads.  And a CRM to manage them.  That sure sounds like a successful business plan to me!  Whoo-hoo! 🦉