Prior to using LeadOwl, Arvin Khamseh with Rock and Reach Media was layering a combination of tools in his tech stack to share leads with his clients. The combination was cumbersome and not a reliable resource for collaboration. Then he started using LeadOwl, and it drastically helped his business.

Case Study – Rock and Reach Media

In today’s digital world, lead management has been revolutionized by social media and technological advancements in a fast-paced environment. 

Previously, it was standard for a business to purchase up to fifteen thousand dollars a month for leads using massively large lead mining agencies.  Unfortunately, these same leads are being dispersed to several renovation companies as well. The race for the phone can make a business appear aggressive and even desperate. 

Having spent over $50K on a single advertising campaign for clients has challenged me to become creative in developing a strong marketing formula for the renovation industry.  

Traditionally when it comes to sales, the status quo has always been to promote the concept that lead management is a numbers game.  In a traditional lead generation process; every ten leads that are bought, only four are invalid contact numbers and three are price shopping. 

The remaining leads are irritable because several other businesses have been calling them multiple times a day. I don’t know about you, but I have been on the receiving end of mass lead distribution and frankly, I don’t care how interested I was in a specific service or product- if my phone rings constantly due to sales calls, all callers are getting the cold shoulder from me.  

The last thing I want to do is offend a potential customer with harassing phone calls.  Quite frankly, this is one of the most inefficient lead management strategies. Lead acquisition exclusivity is highly valued and you should never take traditional routes.

At Rock and Reach Media we generate qualified leads for a specific company so that they receive exclusive rights to the leads. All potential customers have already seen a very specific offer from the renovation company.  This means that they are familiar with the brand by observing information about the founder/and or sales rep within the online ad. 

Because our approach is personalized, you will have potential customers actually pleased to be on a call with the sales representative since we have already warmed up the audience and filtered out the uninterested homeowners by showing them a specific offer within an online ad.

An example of how we take a unique approach for closing a deal is with a client of ours who provides renovation services. 

Jon from Cabinet Painting Vancouver wanted to offer his customers a free upgrade by offering to add a countertop and sink without charging to incentivize his sales. While it can be beneficial for a company to offer discounts and incentives, this would have been an expense for the company. 

I recommended a symbiotic industry approach in which he could reach out to countertop and sink suppliers to propose a deal; if the vendor provides a free sink and countertop for the customer, my client would feature his business in his ads to help get brand exposure to boost sales for the vendor.  The offer was accepted and it was a win for everyone!

By developing business partnerships that are relationship and value oriented, I have been able to transform the standard sales process for both my clients and their customers.  

Since most leads are traditionally acquired via Google ads, trade show attendance or booth rental, SEO, etc… it is important to be creative and develop a unique tactic that allows you to be a pioneer in sales. Our unique pre-qualification starts with running ads that clearly represents the brand and its values, then potential clients are required to show they are interested by taking actions such as completing the online form to provide their contact details.

The qualification doesn’t stop here- that is just the beginning that turns a cold lead into a warm and approachable lead.  We provide a call center service that allows the lead to call in and ask questions. Our call center representatives are also able to reach out to ask qualification questions prior to scheduling an onsite consultation.  

There are times that a sales representative is unable to qualify a lead during a first contact meeting if a lead is obtained through trade show attendance or at a store location.  Our call center is a useful resource for these situations as well. Some of the most common questions can be asked in advance by our call center agents. One of the questions we ask up front is, “what’s your budget for your renovation?”  This cuts down on having a sales professional drive onsite to provide a consultation in which they find out that the customer doesn’t have the budget to obtain services.

From the beginning, we can communicate to the lead the process for arranging an estimate.  We are able to provide information that explains the onsite consultation as well as address any questions that are dynamic to each individual situation.

While many questions can be answered by an interactive voice recognition system (IVR), I am happy to say that we guarantee quality customer service experience with our trained agents.  Our agents will only schedule leads who are recognized as “ready.”

The sales process is often long so it’s proven to be difficult for the renovators to confidently assess which method of advertising will give them the best bang for the buck. My advertising strategy can eliminate some of the challenges faced in the industry.

My Facebook and Instagram Advertising Strategy

I am a strong advocate for Facebook and Instagram Advertising.  Not all ads are created equal and I enjoy showing my clients how to leverage the system.  Jon from Cabinet Painting Vancouver attended one of my Facebook Advertising events with a high level of skepticism due to his own experience using Google Advertising.

Jon expressed his frustration; “I used to get four to six jobs a month and some months maybe one if any. I think it was most effective in the beginning, but as competitors figured out what I was doing they start increasing bids.”

He was looking for a consistent flow of qualified and exclusive leads every month without spending an arm and a leg because of the competition.

I knew immediately what trend he was experiencing and I explained how to boost his ad performance.  Statististically, the performance of a Facebook ad and a Google ad will go up by up as much as 107% when ran simultaneously.

I explained to Jon that by setting up two different offers to run against each other, we can analyze which ad is the winning one.  

The first offer was a complimentary bathroom vanity and bathroom countertop. The 2nd offer was a complimentary kitchen sink and countertop.

For the first offer Jon was getting leads for $9.11 each and paying almost three times as much for the second offer at $17.93 per lead.  I do want to caution users against using the Cost Per Lead (CPL) option as the only metric for short-term campaigns. Since all leads are not created equal, we cannot assume that option one is the “winning” ad due to lowest cost per lead.  It’s important to consider the quality of consultation calls based on the offer.  

On average, I was able to get leads from Facebook Ads for as low as $9.11 each.  During the first 30 days of this campaign, we were able to generate 107 leads and submit 18 proposals.  This increase in lead generation is partly based on targeting the appropriate customer.

LeadOwl Case Study Facebook Ads for Generating Leads
LeadOwl Case Study Facebook Ads for Generating Leads

When placing a Facebook or Instagram ad, it is always important to consider the audience. While the campaign ran, it became very clear that women were the target customer.  The breathtaking pictures of beautifully renovated kitchens created an irresistible clickable journey to a dream kitchen.  

We were able to discern that women around the age of 35 are attracted to the pictures and the moment you add an incentive such as a complimentary bathroom countertop to their remodeling project, you increase the opportunity to close a deal.  I asked Jon to reach out to countertop and sink companies and develop partnerships to get them involved in the project.

LeadOwl Case Study Kitchen Renovation Services

The Facebook Ad Arvin used during the campaign

Renovation Success with LeadOwl

Renovation is a high ticket service and each job is worth at least $10K.  Even though only five sales were closed during this campaign, the profitability more than outweighed the initial investment.  In the first phase of this campaign, I only spent $1,111.25 on the ads. I received a ROI of $50,000 in sales. Our buyers started off as cold traffic on Facebook and ended up becoming enthusiastic customers who were absolutely thrilled about the thought of receiving a complementary countertop and sink.  These customers happily paid their deposits to get started on their renovation project. 

In the past, I used Google Sheets and Zapier to share leads with my clients.  It was costly to buy Zapier and Google Sheets updated automatically and slowly every fifteen minutes.  Unfortunately, the combination of Zapier and Google Sheets was cumbersome and not a reliable resource for collaboration.  

I’m a minimalist when it comes to business and life in general. If multiple steps in a business process can be cut in a simple and effective way, I am all over it. It was based on the desire for simplicity that I implemented LeadOwl, which is a customer relationship management software tool that simplifies the lead to sale conversion process. 

By using LeadOwl, leads are instantly available for the marketing team once the data has been entered into the system by the potential customer or sales rep. The marketing team can access the information from a smartphone or a desktop. LeadOwl is easy to use in a collaborative environment. The simple user interface creates an organized experience with live data.  

Let’s take a look at how I use LeadOwl to incentivize potential customers who are browsing on Facebook to claim their complimentary countertop and sink;

LeadOwl Case Study Leads Generated

Once a lead indicates interest in a service or product, it is very important for the lead to be contacted immediately.  Competition is fierce and the internet in general is full of offers. You want to strike while the iron is hot because people tend to have short attention spans in today’s fast-paced society. I take full advantage of this belief by utilizing a call center.  Immediate customer service is guaranteed since I have agents ready to reach out to a lead to help move the sales process along through the qualification stage. Once qualified, the leads are handed over to my client’s sales reps for the scheduled onsite consultation.

I offer a simple and reliable solution for transferring leads from Facebook and Instagram directly to my clients in LeadOwl.  I find it valuable that I am able to monitor what’s happening from the lead generation phase all the way through the sales pipeline as my clients track the process with notes.

LeadOwl “Notes” is a useful feature that takes the CRM tool to another level.  The client is able to make notes regarding all interactions to optimize the campaign.  Having access to all of the moving parts allows the client to maintain attention to details and data integrity.  Knowing specific details about your customer can help you develop and maintain a long-term relationship for future opportunities.  

What’s Next?

I find that potential clients want to hear about this campaign strategy due to the ROI my client experienced; however, I’ve been able to fine tune my approach to be dynamic for targeting a variety of different audiences.  This is not the only successful tactic I’ve discovered.  

I am always looking for new ways to improve and develop creative lead acquisition strategies.  If I had to do it all over again, there are a couple of adjustments I would make. For example, I would certainly have offered the call center services up front because it took Jon sometime to reach out to 107 leads. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Jon’s time would have been more valuable spent on sending additional proposals that could have ultimately turned into additional sales. I find that there is always room for self-improvement as we continue to grow in a constantly changing marketing environment.

I hope that I have been able to give you a clear picture of how LeadOwl can be an effective tool for managing the lead to sales conversion process for your business. 

CASE STUDY: How I Sold $20,000 Kitchen Remodeling Jobs in Four Weeks Using Simple Online Advertising