Every now and again, a local eatery or store will close down.  Everything inside has been packed up and disappeared. A realtor will post a For Lease sign.  What happened? People were not entering through the door. No customers – or not enough of them.

The same thing happens if potential customers are not clicking on your landing page, the virtual door to your business.  How can you get everyone to CLICK HERE to come inside and look around?  Give them something that they want!  Let’s take a look at easy ways to generate leads with content.

The Gift of Words

You’ve probably clicked HERE, too.  The topic is intriguing, and you want to learn more, so you click.  Perhaps it’s an eBook about managing your money or an email subscription for a magazine you always find interesting. What a perfect combination!  Something you want and someone is offering it to you for free!

You can do that, too.  Provide a link to a free report or a blog.  When folks click on the link to get it, you’ve got something you want:  a potential new customer. Once they provide their contact information, you can tell them more about your business.  They will be added to your list, and you can gift them in the future with more words. It’s not all about sales. It’s all about building relationships with your customers and giving them what they want. 

The Gift of Lessons

There are so many things to learn.  People want to learn lessons that will help them do something better – or be better – or live better.  You get the gist. When you provide a lesson for free, those who are interested will come back for more.  Perhaps you could create a podcast about a topic relevant to your business. Or you could create a cheat sheet describing the process people need to take to get from Point A to Point B.  Or maybe you give them a link to a demo so they can see for themselves how something works.  

Encourage those interested in your product or service to learn more about topics related to it.  For instance, a link to a free webinar with a question and answer period may sway those who are not sure what they want to purchase.  Providing applicable lessons to people helps them learn more. It’s not all about sales. It’s all about building relationships with your customers and giving them what they need to know.

The Gift of Coupons

We all want to get more for less, even if it’s just a little less.  When we see the regular sales price and can apply a coupon to that, we might be enticed to pay.  People often stop to shop when there’s a discount involved. Perhaps your business is launching a new product.  The first 100 customers could get a sneak preview and a chance to save some money.

Or maybe you stage a 24-hour flash sale for our loyal customers for an accessory to enhance the use of your product.  Or 20% off for a ticket to an event when purchased early. It’s an irony. People are still spending, but when they are saving some money, that seems to matter more. It’s not all about sales.  It’s about building relationships with your customers and giving them a discount on what they purchase.

People click for all sorts of reasons, but it all boils down to what they want or need.  When you provide a link that will take them THERE, then they will CLICK HERE. By giving them some sort of gift, you begin to build a relationship with them.  

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