How do you measure the success of your business?  Just recently the focus has changed. Instead of looking at how many appointments the sales team makes or how many calls the support team fields, companies have turned around the telescope to focus on customer satisfaction.

Rather than using metrics that focus on the inner workings that lead to more sales, the focus is now on the outer proof:  customer satisfaction. What are some of the ways that customer relationships can be nurtured? Let’s take a look at the elements of customer success.   

DEVELOP Customer Relationships

This connection is even more important now that much of the relationship with customers is online.  That doesn’t allow for the little things we notice face-to-face. How a person looks. What gestures the person may use.  Speech patterns. Eye contact. And that’s in both directions. The customer doesn’t have that connection with you, either.  

Because of that, you need to be there with words and graphics.  Timing is of the essence, too, because you are using the Internet to “be there” for the customer – whether it’s for the initial sale or questions he or she may have later.  The opt-in page, the sales page, your website – all of that matters, too – for that is what represents you and your business.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.  You don’t see the smiling face as the customer hands you the credit card for the purchase.  How do you find out how things are going? Ask. Make a follow-up call. Send a link to a survey.  Provide additional information about your product or service. All of this will make a difference.

MAINTAIN Customer Relationships

Once time has gone by, don’t forget the customer.  Numerous studies reveal the same result: it is much more expensive and time-consuming to get new customers.  Keep the ones you have happy and informed, and they’ll tell others about you. Provide them with royal treatment and make them feel special. 

Customer loyalty is a worthy goal.  Encourage that with regular contact and friendly inquiries.  Take time to get to know them. Find out more about who they are and what they need and want.  Keep track of what they tell you in notes for each and then make future reference to those details.   

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.  When customers have a way to communicate with you, that is a big plus.  Make sure that the customer has an active link to you or to your Support Team should a question come up.   Send broadcast messages to all of your current customers about events or updates or new products. Build a Knowledge Base with articles based on topics that customer support has fielded so that your customers can find that information on their own.  Frequent the discussions on your website and chime in, providing additional details. Again, make sure that your responses are timely.  All of this will make a difference.

STRENGTHEN Customer Relationships

By providing information about topics that are related to your product or service keeps customers in the know and strengthens your relationship.  Contact itself is a big part of that. Customers want to know that you are still out there and that you care about what they think and what they may need to learn.  

Just as you want your customers to prefer your products or services over any of the others out there, they want to feel special, too.  Brand loyalty is a product of customer loyalty. Treat these folks to your time, your energy, and your focus. Relationships take work, but when the bond is strengthened, that becomes an easy task, one that you look forward to.  

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.  Publish blogs on your website to tell customers more about complementary topics connected to your product or service.  Give your seasoned customers special status. Perhaps they’ll be the first to know about a new product or service and be invited to an early release at a discount even.  Ask them for their candid advice, finding out which features have the biggest appeal to them. Also ask what’s on their wish list. All of this will make a difference.

EQUALS Customer Success

Yes, the focus has changed when it comes to keeping track of customer success.  Sure, the sales team still needs to make appointments and customer service ought to respond quickly to questions and problems.  

In order to track these new elements of customer success – developing, maintaining, and strengthening the relationships – we’ve got a software package that will help you with that.  

LeadOwl keeps track of the inner workings, like how long it takes you or your team to reach out to new leads.  Also, LeadOwl is a CRM for the details for each customer, so that you can develop, maintain, and strengthen that relationship.

Maintain your focus on both your customers and your team with LeadOwl.  Timing is at the core of any business relationship.  LeadOwl’s focus is on that: a timely connection with your growing circle of customers.  

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