Once your business grows, keeping track of your customers can be overwhelming.  Those stats are important – their interest, contact info, status, and other details – but the task could become all-consuming if done manually. 

Is there a way to maintain marketing stats without becoming a statistician?  The good news is YES, there is. [Drum roll, please!] It’s CRM software. Customer Relationship Management.

Keeps Customers Happy

When a potential customer indicates interest, a quick response is critical.  In fact, studies show that customers who are left in the lurch without timely contact often fall off the grid.  They are no longer interested.

A CRM will keep track of that.  In fact, savvy CRMs will remind you to get in touch with that interested party.

Keeps You on Track

All of the opt-in information for a new customer will be added to your CRM’s database.  That may include name, email, phone number, and more – depending on how detailed your web page or funnel is. 

No longer do you need to keep this info on slips of paper that may become stained with coffee or ripped right in the middle of crucial information. 

Manual modes are replaced by a computerized tool that will keep track of all the information for you. You’ll never lose customer contact information again!

Manage leads with the simple LeadOwl CRM.
Manage Your Leads On The Go 24/7 Plus Reminders.

Also, the opt-in stats are there – the time and date of the submission of the form.  The CRM does not stop there. Each lead’s contact information is filed away, too. How soon after was contact made?  By email? By text? By phone? You can also log in the customer’s response, too. The best response, of course, is cha-ching!

Keeps You in the Know

If you have a sales team, you can keep track of how well each member is doing.  With a glance, you can find out how much time each one takes to respond to a lead. 

In fact, you can assign leads to each of your sales folks. If someone is on vacation?  No problem. During that time, take that teammate off the rotation. Everything can be organized by your CRM. 

The software also provides analytics and reports so that you’ll be kept in the know in an instant.

Guess what?  We have just the software for you that will help you and your team stay on the satisfied side of customer support! 

LeadOwl, a leading-edge digital marketing software, sends out push notifications as soon as you get a new lead.  Not only that, but you will be nudged with push notifications sent at intervals as soon as someone has signed up for more information.

Better yet, LeadOwl is a smart phone and web app so you can manage all of this from the palm of your hand. 

Using a CRM allows you to provide leading-edge service to your customers.   Click on this link to see how LeadOwl can take your digital marketing to the next level.  We offer a FREE two-week trial so try it out – risk-free. You’ll be glad you did!