It wasn’t long ago that there was no such thing as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  Sure, most savvy businesses kept track of their customers and their transactions, but most of the details were updated manually and access to them were available only to folks with the key to the filing cabinet, either in the office or in a virtual file. 

CRM software has revolutionized the relationship between customers and business, and the best news yet is that most of the work is done by the program.  Also, anyone in your organization has access to it from anywhere.

Let’s look at all three aspects of this software – Customer Relationship Management – and the benefits to its use.  We’ll also look at Facebook and how that can work well in sync with the lead generation process.


Back in the day, potential customers came into a store, looked around, asked questions, and either made a purchase or did not.  The sales folks on the floor would connect with them and encourage the customers to consider this benefit and that feature of the various items for sale. 

Nowadays, customers do not have that face-to-face connection.  They are more independent in their shopping with the ability to look at products that your site and the ones that competitors have that sell similar products.  Customers then can make quick decisions without any contact from you. What’s next?


Here’s where you step in – and if you don’t step in quickly enough, the potential customer may never make a purchase.  As soon as a person indicates interests, it’s essential that you make that connection – and if you reach out quickly, it may even seem like that “old school” visit to a store.

When you have a CRM in place for your business, the details that the customer has provided are logged for that person.  Better yet, the CRM acts as your sales manager, adding tasks to each contact, and letting you know what the next step should be to turn this lead into a customer.  You do a variety of things to uphold the momentum for marketing and sales. You also complete a series of tasks for each potential customer. Your CRM keeps track of all that is associated with these workflows – and it’s all automated.  What’s next?


The beauty of using technology like this is that it saves you time.  This tool automates your day-to-day tasks plus manages the details for your emailing campaigns, your customer contacts, and customer service processes.  Think of it! CRM can make things much easier for your sales, service, and marketing teams.

Not only does a CRM organize everything for you in this virtual filing cabinet, but the software will also generate reports and analyses of the results.  Click on a particular button or link and you can get a quick peek at how sales are going or the results of your latest marketing campaign. In that way, if any of the processes are lagging, you can note that and give it a boost.  What’s next?


We started this article with the heading – Customer.  In order for all of this to work efficiently for you, your business needs Customers, in the plural.  When you have a presence on social media, you can attract more customers.  One way to do that is to create Facebook Lead Ads. With those in place, people can easily click on your ad, and an opt-in form comes into view.  In conjunction with your CRM, your sales team will get an alert in real-time when the potential customer clicks on SEND. With that push notification, your folks know to contact this customer. 

That’s how a leading-edge CRM works for you.  This software helps you build and manage relationships with prospective and current customers.  What’s next?

And here’s the best news of all!  We have a CRM that will do all of this for you.  LeadOwl allows you to take real-time action on new leads.  The web and mobile app simplifies the process that turns a lead to a customer.  Once folks express an interest in your product or service, it’s essential that you get in touch with them right away.  LeadOwl sends an alert to you as soon as the customer completes and submits the opt-in form.  Not only that, this powerful CRM then reminds you at intervals that contact needs to be made.  LeadOwl keeps you in the know by tracking the status of each lead!

It all works together:  LeadOwl + Facebook Ads = More Potential Customers. 

By taking full advantage of the benefits of this CRM, LeadOwl serves as the link between lead generation and successful customer management.  Take it from our customers:  Sell smarter, sell faster.  Who-hoo! 🦉