Companies use CRM systems for business growth. Just like a flower, a business needs the right combination of elements to grow.  Without a doubt, all botanists insist that for a flower to bloom, it must have the right proportions of various elements. 

On the other hand, though, they argue about the EXACT number of elements needed. Not so for a business.

Most analysts focus on just ONE element to ensure growth:  a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Because of that, let’s find out why this software is integral to the steady growth of a business.

The Essence of a CRM

Basically, this tool takes care of the details of a business and keeps them stored in one central location.  

  • Firstly, a CRM is not merely a virtual file cabinet holding the contact information for each lead.  Even so, it does do that.  
  • Secondly, this software is not simply a tracking device for each lead, showing at a glance the history of the interactions – and better yet, the transactions.  But yes, it can do that.
  • Thirdly, it’s not just a tool that makes a connection to prospects instantly.  You’re right, it will do that.

Because of that, the importance of a CRM for business growth is that it does ALL of that – and more. The growth of your business needs these four elements:  Organization, Workflow, Automation, and Analysis. That’s why CRM = Business Growth.


As you know, organizing what could quickly become chaos is no easy task.  Ask librarians who keep books in order or grocery clerks who put items on the proper shelf.  Luckily, CRM does all of that work for you, and better yet, it simplifies the process.

No longer must you remember all of the details. CRM reminds you of appointments so that no lead is forgotten.  This software also ensures you aren’t scheduled to meet with two potential customers at the very same time. 

Everyone on your team has access to the contact information for every lead. All of the information is put in the proper place and easily accessed.  Because of that, it’s essential that you use CRM for business growth.

Element 2: WORKFLOW

That can be another problem child for a business.  The aim is for all marketing and sales efforts to flow with no roadblocks or slowdowns.  CRM tracks specific tasks and the completion of each. If there is anything hindering the flow, you’ll be able to see what it is and take care of it right away.

Your CRM manages not only tasks related to your clients, but also what your sales team is doing.  When something on the task list has not been completed, you’ll get a reminder.

Because of that, your sales and emailing efforts are streamlined across all teams.  That is why WORKFLOW is another reason why CRM for business growth is important.


Best yet, CRM automates processes.  That means you can put your memory to rest, and let the software do the grunt work.  Here are some of the tasks you can offload:

  • Log customer interactions by text, phone, or email
  • Track support chats with virtual and physical site visitors
  • Enter data about leads
  • Set email notifications and sequences

CRM automates interactions with customers. Because of that, you can see at a glance the completed tasks and what still needs to be done. Each day it’s clear to see what’s on one’s plate to move the business forward. Because of AUTOMATION, use CRM for business growth.

Element 4: ANALYSIS

Perhaps this element will be your favorite.  You need more than a sense of how your business is doing.  Ultimately, you want to know the cold, hard facts to see actual growth.

That’s where CRM software is well worth its cost.  With a quick glance, you will see that data turned into a report, providing a quick glance at various metrics.

Reports and analyses are streamlined and simple. No more agonizing over the numbers to create reports! As you can see, ANALYSIS is an excellent reason why companies use CRM to handle business growth.

So, you now see why your business needs a CRM.  This tool supports the cornerstones of any business:  organization, workflow, automation, and analysis. Ultimately, the next question you must ask yourself is which CRM would be well-suited for your business.

Growth: Next Step

We know of one.  LeadOwl is a smart phone and web app that allows you to manage all of the details of your business from the palm of your hand.  Setup is easy. You can integrate a website or sales funnel in seconds. This CRM handles lead delivery and reminders so that your team can run at full blast.

You can add your clients or sales team quickly through the app.  LeadOwl invites them instantly. As for analytics, you can view your clients’ response time, follow ups, and more.  Better yet, you can email reports with just one click.

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