Assembly lines revolutionized production years ago.  The process seems quite tedious now, though, because workers needed to do something every step of the way before the item was moved along to the next person. 

Instead of hiring people to do this piecemeal work nowadays – or worse yet, having to do it yourself – technology becomes the 21st century assembly line.

One popular online automation tool, Zapier, can connect you to over 1500 applications – ones that you use like Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and more. 

With Zapier and LeadOwl connect to apps you already use to streamline processes.

Zapier lets you build the workflow without coding or needing developers to build integrating. Best yet – connecting LeadOwl with Zapier makes it easier than ever to automate your lead management.

What is LeadOwl’s Part in This?

LeadOwl serves as the people part of your modern-day assembly line. Instead of having to manage your own leads manually, this smartphone and web app immediately provides the contact information for a prospect and then reminds you to get in touch.  

You can also view your clients’ response time, analytics, follow-ups, and more.  You can email reports with one click.

Gone are the days when these tasks need to be done manually by an office full of people hunched over their desks with a calculator and additional pencils nearby.

What is Zapier’s Part in This?

Zapier serves as the process part of your modern-day assembly line.  By using this web-based service, you can automate your business and productive tasks. 

Zapier connects the software you already use so you can build the exact workflows that used to slow you down with their details. 

Not only that, but it’s easy to make those connections – or zaps, as they are called. You don’t need to know how to code. You can set up the process yourself, step-by-step, and once the wheels are in motion, the whole process is automated.  All you need to do is to monitor the results.

As Zapier explains it, a zap has two parts:  a trigger and an action. The trigger is code-talk for “when this happens…” and the action is code-talk for “then do this.”  By using Zapier, you can connect apps to get your work done for you. For example, you could use it to send out an email every day at noon.  So, when the clock strikes 12, a message will be sent to folks on your list.

How Do I Connect the Two?

First things first.  Sign up for a LeadOwl account.  Once you have that in place, you’ll need to create a Zapier account.  With those two accounts in place, now you’ll work on integrating the two. 

To see what can be done, try some integrations that are already in place.

Once you get a sense of how it all works, try to build a custom workflow with LeadOwl and Zapier.  You’ll be able to easily automate tedious tasks and let Zapier – and LeadOwl – do the work for you.

Learn more from Dan Henry’s video about integrating Zapier and LeadOwl.

Zapier and LeadOwl direct integration

The mundane and the tedious, especially tasks that are monotonous, can take the spirit and fun out of doing business.  With Zapier connecting LeadOwl to apps that you use routinely, the sky is the limit.

Zapier will walk you through the steps, showing you how to set up the workflow.  With all of that extra time on your hands, perhaps you can build a workflow so that as soon as you turn on your computer, a steaming cup of coffee is delivered to your desk! 

Using Zapier effectively will help you use LeadOwl more efficiently.  The two go together hand-in-hand so that instead of completing tasks manually, you can automate those and have more time to think of other things.  🦉