Sales and more sales – that’s what keeps a company moving forward.  How can you make sure that your sales team stays on task and does its best work?  Coach your team!

Generally the rookie on the sales team gets an orientation and a quick look at the processes and techniques that your team uses.  After that?  It’s important to continue coaching the rookie and the rest of the team, so that your business will have sales – and more sales.  Let’s find out more about coaching your sales team.

Coach Who?

Most sales teams work in a divide-and-conquer fashion.  In other words, each team member fends for him or herself, working alone.  That’s what makes team meetings even more important.  Your entire team needs scheduled contact with updates and encouragement.  When they are all together at a coaching session, you can cover the ground once rather than individually.

Mind you, do plan a separate training session when a team member has drifted off course.  With the entire team, though, you can discuss tips and techniques about efficient sales tactics and follow-on procedures with customers.  With discussions, your team will learn not just from you, but also from each other.  Coach your team: Schedule training sessions for everyone.

Coach What?

The goal of the team is to increase your business’s customer base.  More customers, more sales.  You can cover various topics in training sessions so that your team will learn how to be more efficient and effective with new leads and current customers.

When a team member has been particularly successful, you can spotlight his or her techniques and encourage others to follow suit.  Instead of focusing on the sales numbers, focus on ways to build relationships with leads and customers which will build loyalty and longevity.  Coach your team:  Focus on tips and techniques to build the customer base.

Coach Because?

For one thing, coaching your team – either all together or individually – will actually result in sales and more sales.  You’ll be building relationships between you and your team and between the team members.  People like to stay in jobs where others are interested in them as people.  Contact helps with retention.

Initially new folks are coached so that they can quickly become successful in sales.  As time goes on, though, some of those initial lessons are forgotten.  Training sessions throughout the year bring that information back into memory, refreshing lessons learned and perhaps forgotten.  Coach your team: Keep best practices in plain view by having recurrent training sessions.

Coach How?

The magic word is swiftly.  Remind your sales team that customers want quick responses and detailed replies.  By coaching your team about what to say, encourage them now to say it without delay.

It’s a challenge to keep all of the details about new leads and current customers straight.  That’s where LeadOwl comes in to help.  This top-of-the-line CRM keeps you in touch with all of them so that your sales team can answer questions promptly.   The longer new leads wait for responses, the less likely they are to become customers.

Check out LeadOwl before your next team coaching session.  This CRM is available as a SOLO or an AGENCY plan.  Give it a try with our 14-day FREE trial.  Your team will find that their sales efforts will go much more smoothly when they can keep track of all of the details.

Customers want to be in the know.  So does your sales team.  Coach them on how to be proficient using LeadOwl, and your team will become more efficient.  That will give them the extra time they need to make sales and more sales!  Whoo-hoo! 🦉