We live in a world where gratification really can be instant!  So much can be done quickly nowadays with a mouse and a screen.  Sadly, though, there’s not been a fast way to find potential customers.  Let’s take a look at the various campaigns we can use to give interested parties a free ticket to our virtual Open House.  

Social Media

You may not be old enough to remember the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman.  Hmm, you ask. What’s an encyclopedia? Selling business-to-consumer, even with virtual footsteps, can be tedious and time-consuming.  Instead of going to each person individually, you can establish yourself on social media and give your sales pitch to many customers at a time.  By designing the elements of your ideal customer, you can position yourself on social media with strategically placed ads aimed for that very population. 

Sure.  It costs money, but advertising the 20th century way was even more expensive.  Besides, through social media, you can reach so many more people. Customers nowadays are paying attention to a different screen – one that is connected to the Internet – so even television advertising is not in the lead anymore.  Social media also allows current customers to “advertise” for you with their comments and their likes. The top two most popular routes to take are Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Many folks are on Facebook or LinkedIn every day.  Social Media may very well be the campaign you choose for your business advertising.  (Want to learn more about Facebook and LinkedIn? Check out this blog.)


With this campaign, you don’t pay for those who won’t pay.  That’s right. If someone is not interested in your product or service, that person will not click on the link.  If the link is unclicked, you don’t pay. Sounds like a good deal already, doesn’t it?  

You’ll find a wide range of these paid advertising platforms.  Two of the most popular are Google AdWords and Display Network.  You also have other campaign trails you can take. You might advertise your wares by being included in a directory or being listed on a comparison site.  Perhaps you would rather advertise on trade media by purchasing a display ad. Maybe you’d rather choose a social media and advertise that way. You could also buy into affiliate marketing which, if done successfully, will pay you back.  You’ll find a number of options with this route. Pay-Per-Click may very well be the campaign you choose for your business advertising.  (For more information about this type of campaign, see this blog.)


What if you are a wordsmith and would like to publish your work for the world to see?  Another campaign that can be successful is connecting to those soon-to-be customers out there with your words of wisdom or encouragement.  Fear not! If you wish to run this campaign but don’t dip your own quill pen into the inkwell, you can find seasoned writers you could contract to do the task for you.  

The key is knowing your target audience – meaning your potential customers.  What would they be interested in reading? Your blogs should focus on those topics, taking full advantage of specific keywords linking topic with audience.  That way, your potential customers will find your blogs when they are cruising around the Internet looking here and there. Your blogs would include a link to your website so that your readers could see more about what you offer.  By posting blogs consistently every week, on Wednesdays, for instance, your blogs and ultimately, your website, will command a search presence. Hmm. This sounds like fun! Blogging may very well be the campaign you choose for your business advertising.  (To see all the topics we have covered in the rest of our blogs, click on this link.)

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