Just like the furniture store down the street, the place doesn’t have a chance to make money if no customers stroll in through the door.  Even with the door wide open, something must beckon the customers to walk inside. That’s why during the holidays, we learn about big sales, two-for-one specials, buy-three-get-one-free, and on and on.

That’s not the only consideration, though.  The furniture store needs to beckon to the right kind of customer – someone who wants to buy furniture.  Not only that, it must be someone who wants to buy the type of furniture in that store. The process of finding the ideal customers is what lead generation is to online sales.  So, what are some tips about how to find the best leads for your virtual venture? Let’s take a look.


You may have a super-duper campaign designed with bells and whistles and eye appeal, too.  That’s not enough. People need to take a closer look. How do you ask them? You start with an opt-in page that convinces potential customers to provide their personal information.  Use an intriguing graphic and then ask for what you need. Name? That would be helpful. Email address? Important to send messages and links. Phone number? Maybe, maybe not.

Think of the avenues you need to use to reach these folks to decide.  Will you call them? If not, don’t ask for their phone number. That opt-in page is the sign on the door.  Welcome!  Come right in. Once they’ve introduced themselves to you, introduce them to the product or service you promote:  show them your sales page.


Focus on the details of the ideal customer for your business.  That’s the sieve you want to use to have a clean list of those most likely to become customers.  Get in touch with anyone who completes your opt-in form and find out more about these folks. Perhaps you’ll call; maybe you’ll email.  Use that channel to find out more. Ask them to provide more information about themselves, about their interest in your product or service.

Once your list has grown with the data for each contact, sift through the information.  Not all leads are created equal. Some may be interested, but their bank account won’t support a purchase.  Others may be interested, but not enough to buy. Compare these prospects with the details for your ideal customer.  Is there a match?


Now gear up.  You’ve found a list of potential customers.  What will appeal to them? Consider your product or service and think of the benefits for these new leads.  Promote your business with convincing words so that leads will click on the link to complete their transaction.  

Use yourself as an example.  Why did you make the last major purchase for yourself?  Think of the magnets that have worked for you. The benefit of the product or service for you?  An urgent need for either? Just an impulsive purchase catering to self-gratification? What was the reason?  Compare your reason to what might entice these folks. Take full advantage of that to design your campaign.


Once you’ve launched your campaign, how have things gone?  Don’t just compare how you did this month with last. Or even last year with this one.  Look at your competition. Find out how well they are doing.

If they are busier, figure out why.  Are there prices lower? Are they bundling the product or service with other wares?  Do they have an inferior version of what you are selling? Take your cues from what you learn to tailor future campaigns.  Remember that the goal of all of this is to turn leads into customers – into loyal customers.


Before you make a sale, do things for free.  That’s right. Give away something. Connect with people before they connect with your business.  Your website is your virtual storeroom so spruce it up routinely. Add new furniture, for instance, with a new product or a special on last year’s version.  Change the virtual wall decorations by posting new material like a blog or a link to a coupon. Your site must be dynamic to create and cultivate interest. One visit is not enough.  You want these folks to come back again . . . and again.  

A final tip is one that most business strategists will offer you.  Get in touch with your leads as soon as they provide their contact information.  Automate the process. Use your smartphone to run your marketing. How do you do that?  Click this link to see how LeadOwl will allow you to follow up on your leads from the palm of your hand.

Whether you wish to reach out to your digital marketing clients or to manage your sales team, LeadOwl is the tool for you.  Speaking of that, what’s our best tip for you? Go mobile to discover how easy it is to market online and get ready to watch your business grow!  Woohoo! 🦉