As far as social media goes, Facebook is high on the list of important networks for business.

1. Facebook Live

A relatively recent development, Facebook Live allows businesses or individuals to stream video on their page. Your business can benefit from connecting with your audience and getting up close and personal with them. Unlike other platforms, Facebook Live videos stay put once they’ve streamed, so you can use the video over and over again. Share it on other social media platforms, email the link to your followers, or feature it on your website to reach more people.

Video marketing is here to stay, and Facebook has just made it easier for your business to reach your customers. Whether you’re unveiling a new product, featuring a live Q&A, or interviewing a key figure in your industry, Facebook allows you to share this most effectively with your audience, right where they like to be, on social media.

2. Instant Articles

With 934 million mobile users on Facebook every day, it makes sense to cater to this massive audience. If you publish articles on your website or blog, consider using Facebook’s Instant Articles. The feature makes it simple for readers on mobile devices to read your articles, without having to click over to your website.
The Instant Articles feature requires some configuration before you can use it, and you’ll need to have at least 50 articles in order to set it up. Once up and running, however, your business page can feature some of the top articles on your blog, ready for easy reading by mobile users. Desktop users will simply be redirected to your actual site if they click on the link.

3. Facebook Beacon

As a business with a physical location, you can request a beacon from Facebook. These free devices use Bluetooth® technology to allow Facebook users to learn more about your business immediately, through a signal sent to the Facebook app on the customer’s phone.
As people receive the information to their phones, they’ll see place tips for your business. The information varies, depending on what you’ve added to your business page on Facebook, but usually, they’ll see a welcome note, photos of their friends from the business, page posts, and other information that will help them decide if this is where they want to be.
The Facebook Beacon is free for companies and can be a great way to boost visibility on the social network.

4. Saved Replies

Every Facebook business page can receive messages, but if you’re getting a lot of the same questions, it can be tedious to respond. A quick and easy solution is to create Saved Replies. When you open a message to respond to it, you’ll see the option to send a saved response on the left side of the screen. Take some time to craft a good response to some of the more common messages you receive and responding will be as simple as clicking the reply you want to send.
Saved Replies are a great way to respond to requests for specific links, pricing lists, or directions to your location. You can also use them when you’re busy, to let people know that you’ll respond shortly.  Using the replies can help you boost your stats on a page and will increase interactivity with readers.

5. Facebook Videos

Do you upload videos on your page? If so, make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the features. For example, you can add a call to action at the end of an uploaded video on Facebook. If you’re just uploading the video and ignoring this option, take a closer look. This is the perfect place to have people “click for more information” and go to your landing page. If you have a great video that goes viral, you could easily expand your email list or build your customer base.
Facebook is far more than just a social updating service. With business features designed to expand your reach, it’s also the perfect platform for building a solid fan base for your business. Take advantage of these features and grow your business today.