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Calling All Leads!

The process of finding the ideal customers is what lead generation is to online sales. So, what are some tips about how to find the best leads for your virtual venture? Let’s take a look.

PPC Advertising 101

Do you want to pay for advertising, or do you want your customers to come to you organically? Pay per Click (PPC) advertising involves money; organic advertising involves time. Let’s take a look at both sides of this coin.

Working with a Plan

Distractions can be like potholes – not only do they keep you from completing a necessary task, but they may even be dangerous! By creating a plan, details can be better managed so that more tasks will have a checkmark next to them at the end of the day. Let’s review some tips about planning that can make a work day be much more productive by getting things DONE.

Top App for Lawyers

Lawyers are busy with all of the details of running a successful practice.  The days get long, and finally it’s time to call it a day. In order to keep everything running when the lights are out, they’ve discovered an owl that never sleeps:  LeadOwl. What is...

Keep on Top of Things with LeadOwl

Some customers won’t wait.  Think of the times you’ve been interested in a product or service, but you didn’t have the information you needed.  No one was there to answer your questions. In stores, studies show that customers will wait around for 15 minutes...

Getting Things Done

Ever whirled around like a tornado, trying to get everything done all by a certain time?  Productivity doesn’t work like that. Instead, a calm environment where tasks are taken in order of importance in a logical way - now that’s being productive. What gets in...

CRM Takes the Pulse

Once your business grows, keeping track of your customers can be overwhelming.  Those stats are important - their interest, contact info, status, and other details - but the task could become all-consuming if done manually.  Is there a way to maintain...

B2B Lead Generation Software Service – LeadOwl

LeadOwl. Launched in the spring of last year, this app manages your digital marketing clients and/or your sales team with finger-tip accuracy. As soon as a new lead opts in, users are notified on their smartphones – and even reminded if they don’t call that person in a timely fashion. Let’s find out more about how LeadOwl works.

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